About Us

“Quality Care When You’re Not There” is our motto and at Just-Us-Kids Child Care Center Inc. our goal is to provide a loving atmosphere for your child in a safe and healthy environment where learning is fun and exciting!

teacher and student doing some arts Mission Statement

Our child care program strives to foster creativity and independence in each child. The most valuable experiences of childhood occur through play and experiences in which children use their five senses to learn about their environment. We focus on growth in all areas of development: cognitive, social, emotional and physical. Your child will be participating in a loosely structured program based on The Creative Curriculum (an MSDE approved curriculum) which has stability and regularity combined with flexibility, so that your child’s individual needs will be met.


Our centers use the Creative Curriculum for Early Childhood, a Maryland State Department of Education approved curriculum, to guide their planning and activities each day. The Creative Curriculum philosophy is that young children learn best by doing and that learning requires active thinking and experimenting. Activities tend to be open-ended and process-oriented, not product-oriented, to foster self-learning, problem solving, decision-making and responsibility in children. Room arrangement that divides the room into “interest areas” is a key component of the Creative Curriculum. Teachers use each of the “interest areas” to promote emergent literacy, math, science and social studies.